Over the past many years I have been using whiteboards very intensely in so many techniques. This kind of media has proved to be ideal for many different jobs — as being a peer for individual preparations and pondering over ideas, for interactions with other people when we needed to talk about a topic, as a communication platform during presentations and training seminars.

I confidently state that we now have several easy to use but the same time frame very powerful tricks that could boost efficiency of the daily utilization of a whiteboard, with or without markers. Consequently I discuss these together with you.

1 — Drawing great dotted facial lines

You understand they — dotted lines assist you to illustrate a fragile connection or a lacking website link. Drawing these may be difficult. Although not on the whiteboard should you this:

So very first pull a straight collection that will be then turned into a dotted one. Delay until inks dry. Then make use of finger to remove sections of a series. Bam ! — your dotted line is there!

2 — Staying away from messy areas while erasing undesired elements

If you have just attempted to do the above strategy and you have hurried accomplishing this without letting the printer dried up — you receive a messy place. Similar to this one:

This occurs if you try to get rid of an printer ink too fast, ahead of the solvent liquid evaporates. Whiteboard markers are professed to be dried up-wiping, nevertheless it indicates that you simply let it dry for a number of secs prior to attempting to wipe. The drying time will be different producer to producer. We have a rule of the thumb — matter until three and after that remove — usually this functions good:

3 — Colour shading your attracting

Sometimes you might want to emphasise a part of your diagram to tension out anything or to create a powerful level. Colors usually do not work great with whiteboards — usually there are only a few color options available (the most famous shade array is black,red-colored,green and blue). Also, it is very tough to deal with an area with a colour evenly to ensure that result appearance nice and neat. To overcome this constraint from the technologies We have created an approach that actually works at the very least for me personally:

Which means you start with laying your major sketching. Then you certainly choose which part needs an stress. Then you choose the shade and then try to lay a parallel collection closely and precisely, next to the main line. If you exercise a little, you are going to do great. Be mindful overlapping the main black color colour though — lighter shade usually filthy.

This method can be applied to a more sophisticated shape, as well. The example below reveals how colour shading may be used to tag up role involvement within a certain procedure:

The primary summary is that there is no need to go crazy about colours — you can utilize restricted colouring wisely and effectively. 16.0pt font-family:

4 — Drawing even and level grids

There are 2 the most difficult things about attracting in terms of sketching on the large area like whiteboards. One is attracting a big and excellent group. However, you rarely do that why worry. As well as the other thing is the fact that sketching long horizontal or vertical facial lines that appear to be stage.

My own assessment of usage of grids on whiteboards is the fact that in most cases (like Pareto’s 80Percent) it is actually helping the need of some vibrant decision making. Possibly preparing (time schedule) or selecting choices. This process would usually include sticky remarks. As far as sticky remarks, the most common would be the two formats:

Therefore empirically I actually have develop a universal structure for grids where minimal mobile dimension will be of the standard 3×3 ins sticky note. Basically If I need more area (e.g. I expect having a lot more sticky notes in a single cell) I will just change the dimensions of a grid.

With all of that said, we have been now ready to talk about the process. It really is easy and directly-forwards, initially you should map the future grid based on a cell dimension you will need. In this instance we are going to produce a 3 by 3 grid with a cell dimensions of a normal 3×3 inches sticky notice:

Transfer your sticky note around to get the mapping of the future grid:

Once all set, connect the dots:

Using this approach you get two wild birds for the cost of just one rock — you obtain directly facial lines because the pivotal points direct you well and after that you do have a grid qualified to maintain regular sticky notes — it will be then super easy to move stickies around and do your preparing or whatever you want to do utilizing the grid.

5 — Making sure text messages are easily readable from any point of a room

One particular critical thing that is certainly commonly disregarded is to make sure that every participant of the program involving using a whiteboard can certainly read what exactly is composed on the whiteboard. Whenever we put aside the problem of a excellent handwriting, it becomes an concern of choosing an effective size of letters.

However the problem is — how can you management the dimensions of letters? With term handling programs it is quite simple — just established the font dimension. However when you attract, the only trustworthy determining tool is yourself.

My approach indicates utilizing hands. Prior to a program starts, I write three written text samples of advancing dimension: one particular finger high, two hands high and a few fingertips substantial. I Then go walking up till the farthest conclusion in the area and evaluate a legibility of creating.

In most cases two-fingers high is just great. For larger bedrooms along with short-sighted individuals within the room you might need bigger, 3-hands substantial texts.

Another natural benefit of this process is that you could easily verify oneself whenever you want through the session. And modify your writing properly.

6 — Templates for numerous makes use of

This is actually the technique that we have produced together with a colleague of mine. We were required to validate a listing of issues using more than 10 folks person sessions. Since the listing of issues was tricky and hypersensitive, we wanted to ensure we permit a safe and secure environment to access understand what folks really consider the issues.

The task ended up being to accumulate the information quickly, then and correctly having the capacity to easily analyse outcomes. We did not want to use electronically turned on equipment, like spreadsheets, as we desired to really participate the folks. It should happen to be some thing visual, anything people could interact with.

So that we came up with a concept to draw in the problems plant on a whiteboard then request our interviewees to guide their views. The web template would state our assumptions around some organisational problems and would seem like this:

When an interviewee began a period with us, we may have his label at the top (not to neglect later who had been contributing) and make use of colours to guide whether the assumptions would be real or fake, within their viewpoint:

Then we would erase all the personal details and put together the board for the following interviewee. And after that we would re-iterate once more:

Once finished all the interviews, we might have snapshots of all of the summaries and then we would assemble that as a slip deck to swiftly view and look for styles.

Of course this instance is a very specific one, nevertheless the primary point being is you can use whiteboard’s help for convenient elimination of drawings for whatever objective within a smart and advanced method, like we do back then.

7 — Heading 3D

It is possible to enhance the use of whiteboard even more, by presenting additional measurement towards the video game. It may be using sticky notes:

These kinds of method is extremely beneficial when you must have a dynamic clarification. I discover it handy for courses, academic sessions and for difficulty fixing.

With the exception of sticky notes, there are other whiteboard friends, magnets to be more particular:

The advantage of utilizing magnets is obvious — you can place them and change them, use them to illustrate particular elements as a part of your diagram, and so on.

You are only limited by the own imagination right here.

These were the points I wanted to mention, I really hope you like them and that you could use them.

What ideas do you find the most useful?

Exactly what are the other suggestions you know?