What Kind Of Laptop Do You need?

/What Kind Of Laptop Do You need?

What Kind Of Laptop Do You need?

This guide is designed to identify what kind of laptop user you are. This will allow you to purchase a laptop that perfectly suits your needs by performing all the tasks you need to complete with your new laptop, without emptying your bank account.

What Kind Of Laptop User Are You?

Light User

Are you a light laptop user?

Light laptop tend to use their laptop for checking the news, looking up recipes, doing online banking, and checking their email. If you usually find yourself with only 1-4 windows open, or programs running in the foreground, on your computer than you likely fall into this category. Chances are you are also apart of this group if you are new to using the computer or the internet.

Light Use Laptops

Laptop users in this group do not require a ton of processing power, which greatly reduces the cost of their suitable laptops. It’s cheap to be a light laptop user! Users in this category are best suited to use netbook computers, which are very similar to laptops, the only difference being the smaller size and less power which will not affect any light users. Laptops/Netbooks for these users typically range from $349.99 – $499.99.mainstream general purpose laptops

Best Light Use Laptops

Here are the top 3 bestselling casual/light users’ laptops/netbooks. Remember, netbooks are cheaper than laptops and will suit you perfectly find if you tend to only use your web browser, word processor, and chat programs. If you plan to play graphic intensive video games, or encode videos, you don’t fit in this user base, read on!

Mainstream User

Are you a mainstream laptop user?

This is the category most people will fall into. Mainstream users tend to have similar usage habits as light laptop users, but more multitasking is involved. A typical days laptop use involves checking email, watching online videos, using a word processor while listening to music in the background etc. What’s the difference between a mainstream user an a light user? It simply comes down to frequency of use, and multitasking. If you only plan on doing 1-2 tasks at once, than you should fit right in the above category, light user. If you want to listen to music in the background as you surf the web and chat on an instant messenger at the same time, it’s wise to choose a mainstream laptop.

Mainstream Laptops

Mainstream laptops typically have between 2GB-4GB of system memory (RAM), this is the component that allows multitasking. The more RAM, the more multitasking without system slow down is possible. Mainstream laptops come in a larger size than light use laptops and netbooks, which naturally involves a larger screen. Mainstream laptops typically cost between $500-$800.

Multimedia User

Are you a multimedia user?

If you are a multimedia user, you are someone who has a large music, movie, or picture collection that you want to bring everywhere. You’re often found watching movies, listening to music, and/or playing in photo editing software. These tasks can get fairly intensive on a laptop, but these multimedia laptops can handle it without a problem.

Multimedia Laptops

Multimedia laptops are usually found in the $700-$1,000 price range. These laptops sport fast processors to deal with intensive photo editing software, video encoding, and at 4GB of RAM to run many programs at once. Some multimedia laptops also sport big screens to admire your favorite media on.

Business User

Are you a business user?

Business users are people who need laptop processing and multitasking power, but don’t need shiny good looks, or fancy on screen effects. These users typically bring their laptop back and fourth from work and require a weight of under 7lbs, and long battery life. If you want power, but don’t plan to play any graphic intensive video games, then a business laptop will be a clean fit with you.

Business Laptops

Business laptops can range from $600 – $1,500 depending on the specifications. These laptops typically are equipped with multi-core processors, 9 cell batteries, and a tough built design to prevent damages from dropping and frequent travel. A business laptop could be said to be a hybrid of a gaming laptop and a mainstream laptop, without the graphical power required to play the latest games on the market. These laptops were made for work to get done!

Gaming Users

Are you a gaming user?

Chances are if you’re a gamer, you know it. You have a list of you’re favorite games that you and your friends play online through late nights and sometimes even early mornings. You love playing the latest and greatest PC games, and you want to be able to play on the go.

Gaming Laptops

Gaming laptops are absolute powerhouses. There is nothing these laptops. The downside? All this power comes with a price. Gaming laptops tend to range from $900-$2,500. They also lack in battery life because of their large power usage. However, if you are looking for a powerful laptop to replace a desktop computer, or don’t plan to unplug the charge cable much, then there is no better choice than a gaming laptop.

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