Grand Theft Auto V, a great game. Let’s face the truth: We already know the map upside-down.

This game has been a long time. We can’t wait for the next installment of GTA V.

In the past, I have written about GTA V mods and even compiled a list of the top GTA mods. Map mods are some of my favorite edits to the game.

Because there are so many of these bad guys out there, I thought I’d make a guide to help you spice up your game with new maps and other changes to the beloved city of Los Santos.

Here are my thoughts on the top map mods you can install in your game.

15. Underwater Mafia Headquarters

This mod is huge, Jesus F. Christ.

It took me a while to get used to it. It will require a powerful computer to run. My new laptop is running at a low FPS.

This mod adds an underwater headquarters (which basically creates a new underwater mafia base). It also includes a yacht party to cover it up.

The headquarters are equipped with everything a mobster could need. There are many options, from an underwater helicopter pad to an underwater airport.

It is beautiful, and I adore it. This took the creator a few nights of sleep to complete.

This is truly amazing. It’s worth a shot.

14. Road Work Mod

Yes, Los Angeles roads are as bad as they come. There are only a few roads that have been damaged in Los Santos.

It’s not immersive.

This is where the Road Work Mod comes in. It adds roads that need to be repaired and workers who will repair them.

This mod makes the game feel more real. It was a great decision.

This simple change will make your game feel better.

13. Huge Villa 2

This is the second part in the Huge Villa mod (made by the same creator, but using a completely different house model).

This mod adds a huge house to the game and a helipad on an island. You can now have your own house without inviting guests (unless you have helicopter-wielding friends).

According to the mod creator, it took him eight days to create the mod from scratch. It seems like a great return on his time investment, but I must admit that it is true.

This house is extremely well-designed and meticulously designed.

Los Santos has been overgrown and is in an unimaginable state of decay after so many years.

This mod can be played without pedestrians, civilians or missions.

Take a look at Los Santos, a demolished area that was left behind by a devastating event that rendered it uninhabitable. Or any other catastrophe that you wish to imagine happened here.

Actually this mod’s creator recommends you to give it a try with the zombie mod.

It’s possible that I did it. It’s amazing, spoilers! It’s almost like The Walking Dead, but without the two-seasons of crap.

11. GTA V: San Andreas

This mod transforms Los Santos’ custom made map into San Andreas. It will make you happy to spend those wonderful days hunting aliens in the lands of GTA SA.

It was a very cool mod, but it wasn’t as well executed as it could have been (in my opinion).

It is a good choice for the 11th place, but it leaves a lot to be desired. You’ll be entertained for at most a few hours if it’s a tried.

It’s a great way to have a good time. However, you should make sure you save your game before installing it.

10. Huge Villa

This mod was created by the same guy who made the previous one. However, it isn’t an island.

This villa is located by a lake. You’ll be able access all its features with any one of the main characters in the game.

You can still move Trevor from his poor house to this villa by moving it close to Trevor’s trailer.

It was quite a leap in class, I have to say.

This mod is, in my opinion, one of the most useful house mods I have seen for map updates. It makes the map look cooler.

9. Menyoo Map Pack

Beach apartments, boxing matches and alien abductions are just a few of the many options.

The result of all his hard work, this modder lost his sanity and created a lot of mods for the Menyoo PC Trainer.

We have many maps from the man that we can enjoy on GTA V. You can access them all by clicking a single button, since it is a compilation.

This map-pack will allow you to host house parties and celebrity deathmatches.

8. Galileo Michael Mansion

Michael should live a more extravagant life.

It seems like the creator of this mod feels the exact same way. This is why I give the Galileo Michael Mansion a high ranking spot on my list.

It will completely change the way Michael lives. You’ll see Trevor and Franklin there, paying him a visit.

It’s a cool mod that allows Michael to relax on his days off or go on a killing spree.

7. San Andreas Forests

Are the forests a little too boring for you?

Forests of San Andreas makes a lot of changes to how forests work in the game. It creates random scenarios in the woods and adds countless trees and assets to open fields.

Once you have this bad boy, your graphical journey will be much more influenced by vegetation.

If you are a nature lover and a cold-blooded killer, I recommend you give it a try. These hybrids are possible!

6. City Lights Addon

This mod must be installed along with a graphical overhaul mod.

Just listen to me – I am referring to the way that city lights are strategically placed along highways and at locations that truly need them to make Los Santos feel like home.You’re in a real place.

Graphic mods make everything look better, and you will fall in love when driving at night. It also adds a lot to the map.

5. Forests of Chiliad

This map is part of Forests Of San Andreas. However, I rate it higher because it was the first one that I tried back in the day. I absolutely loved it.

This add-on is free and works the same way as Forests of San Andreas. It primarily covers Mount Chiliad.

This one is for those who don’t want to do a complete overhaul.

4. Franklin’s Luxury House

After moving to the GTA Hollywood, Franklin should live like a King.

This mod shows how amazing his new home should be.

It Completely changesIts exterior and interior look great.

3. Grand Theft Auto Remastered Addon

This mod is designed to work around the GTA V map, adding more vegetation and details.

If you’re looking to breathe new life into your game, this mod is a must-have.

This addon includes over 15,000 new props that will make your map look even better.

2. Vice Cry Remastered

This mod is amazing and allows you to visit Vice City in GTA 5.

This basically alters the map so that you can explore Vice City’s vastness using the engine of GTA V.

It’s not an overly detailed mod, but it does dig into an existing GTA game.

But it does let you explore Vice City which is such an amazing title with some very cool places so I’m giving it the second spot on my list.

1. World Improvement Map Editor

Let’s not forget the fun part.

This mod changes the basic layout of Los Santos’ map. It makes everything look more real and realistic.

It’s super detailed, and you’ll absolutely love it. If you’re looking to improve the familiar map, give it a shot.