How to increase your MMR

You can win games every time and you can also abuse the meta

Our first and most obvious advice is to win as many games possible.

This may sound like a simple piece of advice, but it is much more. It is important to have a winning mindset when entering ranked games and not lose heart when your teammates feed you. Instead of blaming others, look at your mistakes in replays and learn from them. League of Legends is 5v5 and your teammates can drag down you, but if they are consistent in improving, you will eventually rise to the top.

Another tip that is often overlooked is to play meta. We all have our own preferences about champions, but playing Ornn top can be a win. To maximize your chances of winning, you should pick the most consistent and OP champions in every lane. You can see the various tier lists and win rate tracks on the internet to get a good idea of how well a champion is doing. You can choose the meta champions that you enjoy playing and test them in normal games before eventually winning ranked games.

Avoid playing games you don’t think you will win

This is my #1 tip for anyone looking to climb the ladder. We come across games that we think are lost in champion select every now and again. As we’ve mentioned, if you win a game but miss it, you can lose your LP, but not ruin your lol mmr. This is what’s most important. Avoiding games that appear lost is a good way to save your time and LP. Don’t hesitate to do so.

What is the best way to avoid a game

While dodging is still a personal choice, there are situations where it is an obvious option.

Op.gging your entire team is a great way to see how well they are doing. You should avoid playing ranked if you have more than 2 players with a below 47% win rate. You can also dodge a game if the champion is ranked for the first time.

You can also check their match history to see how they rank in recent rankings. You should avoid playing them if they have lost more than 3 consecutive games. This will indicate that they are already having a bad mental state and may be defocused in the game.

Overloaded team compositions with AP/AD make it less likely that they will win. The enemy team can also itemize against them easier so be aware of that.

Last but not the least, if your team members are inflaming one another in champ select, it can negatively impact them in-game. Champion selects should also be avoided.

A high MMR player will join the duo queue for duo queue

We have previously discussed how Riot matches players against one another and determines LP wins. If you queue up with a higher-ranked MMR player, your average team MMR will increase and you’ll win more LP. This situation will also result in less LP loss. Duo queueing allows you to figuratively have an additional dodge. This is because the first dodge costs 3 LP for each player, and two players can dodge bad champion picks twice per day.

If you are consistently losing, stop playing ranked

We’re going to end playing ranked when you’re losing. This is the last and perhaps most important tip. Some players can’t deal with losing a game or some LP, so they keep playing more games to win the next time. If you lose multiple games, it can cause a loss streak that can wipe out your MMR. It will make it difficult to get back up again unless there is a winning streak. You don’t have to play a game immediately after losing one. Instead, take a five-minute break, stretch, then get ready to start thinking about the next game. ARAM and a few other games are also good options. You’ll be able relax, as there’s less pressure to win. You may experience loss streaks, even when you take rational breaks. Analyze your losses and the meta and come up with a winning formula.

Get an ELO Boost

If you fail to follow every tip and lose games repeatedly, you might consider a professional booster. In just a few days you can raise your rank and increase your MMR without having to break a swear. The newest offline methods allow you to keep your honor high while maintaining maximum security and privacy.

Normal games have MMR

We have already mentioned that every mode in League of Legends is assigned a unique MMR rating. This also applies to normal games. You can play normal games that have a higher MMR than your ranked game. Normal games should be used as a test ground to practice new strategies and champions before you move on to ranked.