Unfortunately, there comes in a laptop’s life where it becomes virtually useless. That same once-shiny laptop that you were just taking out of the box not long ago has become SO SLOW that it actually takes longer to startup, connect to the internet, and open your web browser than it does to complete your online tasks. If this laptop seems oh so similar to your own, it’s time to order a new laptop.

The Time To Upgrade Is NOW!

Lucky for you, you’ve come to the right place, at the right time. Technology improves as time goes on, that’s common knowledge. However, the year 2019 has computer experts worldwide wondering if there has ever been such a dramatic improvement in laptop technology ever before.

2019 laptops are so significantly better than any laptop made previous that even large companies are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to upgrade the laptops they just bought a year ago. There has literally never been a better time to order a new laptop than today, in 2019

Should I Buy My Laptop Online?

Have you ever bought a laptop from a large retail store? Ugh. I cringe just thinking about the last time I attempted to buy a business laptop from a retail store. Don’t get me wrong, if you go into such a store with money, you will leave with a laptop. Money? Not so much. I make it a point to tell my family and friends to make all their laptop purchases online. The reasons for this are endless, here’s 3 quick ones from the top of my head.

1. No sales pressure. Retail stores are notorious for their high-pressure sales tactics created by their commission based pay cheques. Even if you let them know that you’re “just looking” you’ll find the same person following you around the store like a hungry dog. Avoid the borderline harassment by ordering your laptop online

2. The dreaded “sales funnel”, or “but wait, there’s more!”. Even after you’ve finally picked out the laptop you want to take home, you still have to deal with the checkout. In a perfect world this would simply be a place where you pay for the goods you picked out. Not the case. Instead, after you’ve almost guaranteed this store a sale and are ready to pay they will try to sell you even more stuff!

  These commission based salesmen are mighty persistent. You better prepare yourself for the $109 warranties, $99 setup and installation, and the $49 case pitches from the army of staff perched next to the cash register. Pro tip: Don’t buy any of these “extras”! These sales people would try and use dirty persuasion techniques to try and convince you that you NEED just one more thing to make best use of your laptop – not true.  Order online and only buy what YOU want to buy.

3. Variety. The amount of laptops available online is huge! Much, much more available at your local electronics store. The best part? Customer reviews. When you shop in a retail store you’re guided by a sales person trained to make as many sales as possible – they’re not going to tell you that the laptop you’re considering has the highest fail rate of any laptop.

When you shop online you have the privilege of viewing customer reviews from people who have bought that EXACT product from that EXACT store. These people aren’t being paid by any company to make sales either, they’re writing their honest reviews for the sole purpose of helping other curious laptop buyers, such as yourself, in finding the best laptop on the market.