Android tablets and smartphones are technological wonders that entertain, allow you to work from anywhere, and keep in touch with family, friends, and coworkers. You can turn your cell phone or tablet into a work station, tablet, canvas, recipe manager and much more with the right app. It can be difficult to find the best Android apps.

You can download a lot of apps from the Google Play Store. But which ones are worthy? This list was created to help you find worthwhile apps.

These 103 apps are divided into 13 categories: productivity, security, utilities, and music. It’s easy for you to find the one that suits your mood. You are looking for a entertaining streaming video service. You can find an app that does this. Are you looking for a reliable word processor that will keep you productive on the move? You can also find an app for this. This roundup does not include games. You can find them in our separate list of the top Android games .

If you’re new to Android, the sheer number of 103 apps may seem overwhelming. To get the basics covered, you can take a look at our 10 essential Android apps. Many of the entries on both lists can be downloaded for free if your wallet is feeling thin.

Each app recommended is exceptional in its own right. Our collection represents a snapshot of some of the best apps on the Google Play Store at the time this article was written. Explore and enjoy.

Language Learners


Duolingo is a game that gamifies language learning. It offers bite-sized lessons and an easy interface. Duolingo can help you learn a new language, or refresh your existing vocabulary. You unlock more features and, with practice, you’ll learn more. The app is currently available in Danish, Dutch and German. You can also choose from Esperanto or Klingon, which are more practical options.

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Facebook Messenger

Mobile messengers are difficult to convince your friends to sign-up. However, it’s likely that most of your friends are already using Facebook. The Facebook Messenger app is amazing, and this is a great thing. It is simple and easy to use, and can handle voice and video calls. To discover more capabilities, visit the Facebook Messenger feature.

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Google Translate

Many people worry about not being able to communicate with others from other countries while they travel. Google Translate helps you quickly translate written and spoken text. The app can also do the speaking for your, and you can input text using your camera or handwriting. It can translate into 103 languages if you have a data connection, and 52 when it is offline. Although it can’t translate Tamarian, it is sure to prove useful here on Earth. Microsoft Translator is another option. It offers 60 languages offline, travel phrasebooks and a conversation mode. It also translates Klingon.

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LingoDeer, a language-learning app that focuses on Asian languages (but also includes some European languages), is an excellent tool. This app offers multilingual courses, which means that you can learn Japanese as a German speaker. LingoDeer can be quite difficult due to its high-level terminology as well as detailed grammatical explanations. It is still a great resource and the developer is always improving it based on feedback from the community.

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LinkedIn is a service that most people only use in desperate situations. However, the LinkedIn app aims to complement the LinkedIn website you visit every day. There are the profile pages that show your work history and tools for networking. But the LinkedIn app now has visitor metrics and a news feed for a more social feel. Sometimes it’s the best way to make business connections and reach out. It’s like Facebook, but for grown-ups.

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Snapchat allows you to quickly snap photos and share them with friends. Snapchat also supports video snaps and voice and video calling. However, the catch is that all your posts disappear after one day. It’s a fun, temporary way to share the world.

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Signal is one of many apps that claims to protect privacy and security. However, Signal was designed from the ground up to allow people to communicate easily without worrying about being overheard. Signal is an app that replaces SMS clients and phones, but it can also be used as a standalone application for sending encrypted messages and calls. The app’s appearance and feel has improved.

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Textra is a great alternative to Messages for Android. Textra offers many customization options, which you won’t find in the stock messaging app. These include custom contact colors, notification icons, and text bubble styles. You also get additional features like text scheduling, blacklisting contacts and the option of renaming group conversations. Textra has both light and dark modes.

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WhatsApp is a popular messenger app with a large and loyal user base. You can also use the integrated web version to take your chats to your desktop. Signal provides encrypted messaging to this Facebook app. This could be the most secure messaging service available.

Your Phone Companion

Microsoft’s Your Phone Companion app allows you to link your Android phone with your Windows 10 PC and send text messages. You can also access your phone’s camera and manage your notifications. It’s easy to set up the app.

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