The main benefit of buying a laptop is the all-in-one package. You’ve got your keyboard, components, screen, speakers, and mouse, all crammed into one small package to go. This allows for easy traveling, convenience, and the ability to get things done on the go. However, there are compromises to having so many parts tucked into such a small space, and these compromises can sometimes lead you to purchasing additional accessories to replace the functionality in a more efficient manner. Whether you need an old cooling pad for your aging notebook, or a wireless mouse for your brand new best laptops 2011, there are tons and tons of laptop accessories to choose from. Here are my recommendations…

Wireless Mice

Wireless mice are important for aging touchpads cursed with wear and tear, or newer laptops with small track pads. Here are a few of the favorite wireless laptop mice currently on the market.

Cooling Pads

If you decide to purchase a gaming laptop, or a desktop replacement laptop, chances are there are going to be times where your laptop gets very hot. At these times it may be wise to use use a cooling pad to keep your laptop from damaging it’s internal components. Here are a few bestselling laptop cooling pads:

Laptop Bags

Last but certainly not least, laptop bags. Laptop bags are important to prevent wear and tear scratches and damages from occurring when transporting your laptop from place to place. Here are a few laptop bags that are rated highly by consumers like you:

Don’t forget to consider accessories to cover area your laptop is lacking, they can be an essential part of your laptop purchase.