Swimming is without a doubt one of the best things you can do for yourself, despite the fact that we might be a little biased. Swimming works a lot of your muscles, whether you’re a kid or an adult, and it relieves stress. You can prepare yourself for a lifetime of worthwhile experiences in and around numerous bodies of water by learning this ability.

Attending group swim lessons when your child is just learning to swim may seem like the natural decision. Although being in a group setting has numerous advantages, not everyone can profit from it. Private classes could be a fantastic choice to take into consideration if your child need extra attention or learns at a different pace than their peers.

Prepared to jump in? The following 10 advantages of taking private swim lessons:

1. Personalization

Every person is unique. Everyone’s swimming skills and techniques are equivalent. Our trained swim instructors can adapt the classes to suit your child’s needs if they learn at a different rate. Your child will feel supported in their learning at a speed at which they can succeed in this low-pressure setting.

2. Customized Recommendations

Individualized feedback is given infrequently in group lessons. Private swim lessons, your child will be able to receive focused instruction at a faster rate, which is highly beneficial in making little modifications as your child gains confidence in the water. Additionally, they can ask questions without being interrupted by other swimmers.

3. Certified Teachers

At Blue Buoy, every member of our staff is a qualified instructor. To assure safety, they have received training in CPR, First Aid, and many other water-related abilities, and they have amassed a vast body of knowledge. If you go to a public pool with other teachers, though, many of them might not be certified, which could endanger your child.

4. Practical

Private lessons, in contrast to group classes, let you plan your calendar around them rather than the other way around. To ensure that your child doesn’t miss a class, we may work together to create the ideal plan for them. What if they do? We can always change the time. For group courses, this is nearly impossible because all families must attend at specific times.

5. Special Provisions

The two things that concern us the most are safety and teaching your child the fundamentals of swimming. Private lessons would be a terrific place to start if you have a child with special needs so they can receive the attention they require without being distracted by other pupils. Many kids mimic other kids or have special sensory needs (which could be good or bad). Your child will be in excellent hands because our instructors are skilled at handling a wide range of situations in a concentrated one-on-one setting.

6. Particular Goals

Does your child have to accomplish a certain objective in order to pass a course? Be at ease! Our teachers are prepared and eager for your kid to achieve in endeavors like training to be a lifeguard, school contests, tryouts, or even earning a swimming badge for both Boy and Girl Scouts.

7. Further Time

Initially, enrolling your child in group lessons instead of private lessons could appear more cost-effective. However, in group classes, kids typically only get 3-5 minutes of individualized input, whereas in private sessions, teachers may offer each student their undivided attention for the duration of the course. This implies that your child will probably pick things up more quickly. Due to a lack of individualized instruction, it can take your child several additional group lessons to acquire the fundamentals.

8. Students of Different Ages

If your child is extremely young and in a group setting, they could feel some separation anxiety from their parents. They will be able to allay your child’s anxieties and teach them how to feel secure in the water with just one instruction.

Private courses would also be beneficial for older kids, from preteen to adolescent age. Many kids in this age bracket lack swimming confidence, so mixing them up with more accomplished swimmers might have more of a negative impact than positive impacts.

9. Overcoming Water Trauma

Many young people of all ages are afraid of the sea. This can be the result of a negative encounter they had when they were very young or something they observed on television or in the media. We can’t really blame them with movies like Jaws! One of life’s greatest pleasures is floating freely in the sea. Our instructors are understanding and compassionate, and they sincerely want to assist your child in overcoming their concerns so that they can once more enjoy the water.

10. Semi-Private Instruction

Are private courses too demanding for your child? They are welcome to invite a friend or sibling to join them in our semi-private lessons. Because of this, they both stand to gain from customized courses. The best approach to introduce someone to swimming without making them feel like the center of attention is on them is if they have a friend or someone of a similar age and skill level.

Private courses are a great option for many families since they can be tailored, given individual attention, and scheduled around your schedule. For more information on getting your child started on a path of outstanding swimming practices, we encourage you to call us immediately.